Trent Reznor is Insane!

I take it back. If you read the comments for the post below, you no doubt saw Sarah's comment about the phone number. I replied that it has nothing to do with the forthcoming album.

But then I googled the phone number and did some research. Low and behold, it does in fact relate to the new album. The new NIN album is a concept album based in the year 2022. And it seems Trent Reznor has orchestrated a complicated viral marketing campaign to promote this concept album. The campaign includes a variety of hints and clues hidden in t-shirts and on websites. The websites themselves seem to represent the fiction that is the basis for this new album.

There's a pretty explanation of what's been going on at the blog I've linked below. It also provides links to all the little bits and pieces so that you can get sucked in to the mystery, if that sort of thing suits you.

Click here for the blog post


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Sarah said...

And you thought I was messing with your mind!