A Little Four-Player Fun

I'm going to pose a question. I'm sure it's a question that's crossed all your minds at one point or another. I think it's a reasonably poignant question that deserves much thought and consideration. It's a question that I think is fully representative of our subconcious collective social conscience.

If two guys and two girls are having a 4-way and half way through the two girls start going at it with each other, what are the two guys to do? Do they just stand there and self-service in front of each other, or should they pair up too?


that perverted jerk! said...

They put bullets through their heads.

Jess said...

I actually haven't thought about this, but the answer is quite clear to me. If they're in that situation in the first place, they're quite clearly rather sexually liberated individuals. That, or else just really trashed. So either they start hooking up or they pass out. Or of course, there's always that last solution: they take the opportunity to give each other a high-five.