One More Thing

I almost forgot! Nine Inch Nails has released two new tracks from the upcoming album Year Zero for preview on their myspace.
If you're a fan check them out here.
I especially like My Violet Heart.

I can't wait for the full release of this album. I hate to sound like one of "those people", but everything Trent Reznor touches turns to gold. Okay fine, I admit it. I basically am one of "those people". Except that in no way do I feel that somehow his music magically saved my screwed up life. My life was never really screwed up. I've had it pretty good. I just really like NIN.

Off topic. Back to the point. New NIN album coming out. New songs to listen to. HOORAY!


Sarah said...

I also love NIN!!!

Sarah said...

My radio station buddy gave me this:


Dial it and it's related to the new NIN album. I must wait until I'm done with work to phone.

Do you dare?!!!


|:::lockan:::| said...

K, that was just messed up and had NOTHING to do with the NIN album. I can only imagine how much the call probably just cost me.

I won't spoil it for you.