1:00 am, Sunday Night. All is Quiet

Well, quiet except for the sound of me typing while my mp3 collection continues to shuffle along in the background. There's also the low rumbling of music coming from through my bedroom wall. My roommate falls asleep to music.

The weekend was, well, a pretty average weekend. The positive news on Friday about my upcoming job started it off pretty well. Friday evening I found myself ushered out of the house to get a Thai meal and see a movie with Scott and Rachel, so that the other roommate could have some alone time with his fiancee. We watched Hannibal Rising. I quite enjoyed it. I'm not sure Rachel can say the same. Never take a vegetarian who hates horrors to see a movie about a cannibalistic sociopath. Oops.

Following the movie, I headed downtown to catch a Flood of Fire show. I had a few celebratory drinks and visited with the guys. Did I mention I'm a bit of a groupie? I forgot my earplugs and so my ears suffered a little bit, but the ringing has mostly gone away now. I'll remember them next time.

Saturday was a short and uneventful trip to the mall, followed by some video games. I decided to put green spiker-gel in my hair for the hell of it. It feels a bit like putting in a thin layer or acrylic paint, but it looks neat. There had also been plans involving some friends and alcohol, but that didn't pan out due to poor planning and a slight case of laziness on the part of all parties involved. Poor Alison was most disappointed. Next time I think I'll just take some initiative instead of leaving the planning to others.

Instead a few of us watched Running with Scissors. I hated it. Have any of you seen this movie, or maybe The Squid and the Whale? They're rather similar. They're both these ultra-sophisticated high-drama contemporary period pieces (70's and 80's respectively). And they both claim they're "comedies". I'll admit that both movies have their moments, but they're NOT comedies. There's nothing funny about a bunch of messed up miserable people who are ruining each others' lives. Jason told me it would be "dry humor". This wasn't dry humor. It wasn't even humor. It was just three hours of "dry" interspersed here and there with snippets of slight amusement. But I digress...

I spent the better part of today with Scott, Kyle, and Jeff. Sushi, a comic store, watching Metalocalypse, some TV, and finally having some pizza. 8 hours later I returned home. It was nice to get out of the house. And now I'm sitting at home writing a blog post.

I'm also reading a lot of Questionable Content. (Don't worry, it's entirely safe and not in any way inappropriate). It's an excellent web comic. One of the best I've read by far. Thanks to Sarah from E-town for mentioning it on her blog a while back. I checked it out, and liked it so much that I've been sharing it with all my net-savvy friends.

I'll hear more details about my job tomorrow or Tuesday. Any news is good news, but if they're able to offer me what they were trying to offer, I'll be ecstatic.

I'm looking forward to Friday as well. There's a funk band hosting a pirate-themed party. Costume is expected, but I'm going to put a personal twist on it. I'm thinking a sunglasses eyepatch and a jacket adorned with floppy disks. Maybe I'll post some pics next week, if I remember my camera.

Enjoy your evenings (or, rather, early mornings in this case) ladies and gents. Tomorrow (today?) is the beginning of a new week of possibility.

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