I Need a Cold Shower

I bitched and moaned and complained the last few weeks because all it did was rain between short 5 minute bursts of sun. Now that it's finally sunny and hot, all I can think about is how much I miss the cooler weather.

The solution, clearly, is to spend a whole lotta time at the beach while it's nice. Preferably with some good company and a few cold beverages. And especially if said company were a company of bikini-clad girls.

So... Are there any bikini-clad girls out there who want to join me at the beach? Oh, wait a minute. You've probably got better things to do than read my blog. Heck, you're probably already at the beach.

Man, I'd sure love to be at the beach right now. Instead of in my boiling hot room getting ready to go to bed and futiley attempt to sleep in the brutally hot weather.

Maybe I'll get lucky and dream about being at the beach, feeling the cool ocean breeze blow across my skin, while sipping a tasty cold drink. Assuming I can even fall asleep.

Tomorrow maybe I'll make plans to actually go to the beach this weekend, since this hot weather trend is supposed to continue.

Ladies in Bikinis? Are you with me? Beach on the weekend? Anybody? ... Last chance...

Well, okay then. Your loss. More cold drinks for me.


Jess said...

I fit into the anybody category, not the ladies in bikinis category. Can we got to the aquarium or beach when I come to visit? Did you take time off work?

Anonymous said...

Go to Wreck Beach. No bikinis required.

|:::lockan:::| said...

I sure DID take time off work. And we can definitely go to the beach or the aquarium. Maybe even both. I won't subject you to a lame escalator ride again. :-)

Yes, I've heard about wreck beach. I think I'd be kicked off for wearing too much clothing. Also, I hear it's mostly sleazy hairy naked guys looking for hot women, which are severly lacking as I hear it.

|:::lockan:::| said...
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Anonymous said...

Wreck Beach is like any other place. Some people are hot, and some are not. But you don't go there to leer- that is bad form.

|:::lockan:::| said...

Of course it's bad form. I fully realize that. I did sit through over a year of life-drawing classes after all. Drawing a nude model and going to a nude beach are probably very much the same thing.

I guess the bottom line is that I really have no interest in going to a nude beach.