Another Lazy Sunday

I walked to the edge of the world today. I stood at an intersection where the chaos of civilization meets the serenity of nature. I let my feet sink into the mud, and felt the water wash over them. I walked on the tidal flats where many have walked before but left no trace of their passing.

The cool air breeze brought a gentle sense of calm to me. For a few hours, I just closed my eyes and let my thoughts slip away into time, while I basked in the sand in that place between worlds.

Days like these are best shared with others, and so I brought a few good friends on my journey. The sun didn't show his face much today, but we didn't mind.

The summer is disappearing too quickly. There need to be more days like these.


Anonymous said...

Well, your dream of going to the beach with a bikini-clad girl came true!

KrisB said...

Man, ya'll need more sun, or a UV lamp over your computers... and who goes to a beach with a watch on? I mean really... :P

Sarah said...

Bikini-clad girl...isn't that Jess?

|:::lockan:::| said...

Nope, that girl is my friend's girlfriend. She's the token female in my usual (anti)social circle.