Christmas (list) in July

I often find that I come up with great ideas for things to put on my christmas list. But for some reason, these ideas always come to me long before christmas has happened. Inevitably by the time the holiday season rolls around I've forgotten all those great ideas. And then family members start asking me for ideas and lists, but of course I have none.

So this year I'm getting an early head-start. That way, if I can't remember, I can come back to my blog and I'll have a short-but-handy list available.

My Summer Xmas List

1) CD player alarm clock - I find I have an easier time getting up in morning if I'm listening to something pleasant, instead of that ear-splitting chirping noise that my alarm clock makes. My old stereo had a wake-up feature that worked wonders, but then it quit working. A new CD-player alarm clock would be a great thing to have. Just imagine waking up to the soothing sound of a distorted kick-drum!

2) A beard trimmer - I have facial hair that needs to be trimmed far more often than I actually trim it. The only means I have to do so is an old electric razor that needs to be pre-charged every time I want to use it because the battery is shot. Said razor has a "long hair trimmer", but it's not really the right tool for the job. I think I'd be more diligent about grooming my facial hair if I had a beard trimmer. (And, on a totally vain note, being better groomed makes a person more attractive to the opposite sex.)

3) Teflon-coated frying pan / skillet - I'm a guy. I can barely cook, if you can even call it that. My pans don't have teflon coatings, and butter and cooking oil just don't to the trick. I think you get the picture.

4) An office-style desk chair - I'm pretty sure I'd save a small fortune on chiropractic each year if I had a better computer chair at my desk. I paid about $40 for the chair I'm using, which I got at Walmart. The cushion is pounded pretty flat now, and it's not very comfortable, and definitely doesn't promote good posture. I think a nicer office-style chair in the $200-$400 range, maybe made of leather, would fix that right up. Improved health through more luxurious living!

5) LCD monitor - My computer monitor is a 19" CRT that takes up roughly 1/3 of the surface area of my desktop. My printer takes up another 1/3. There just isn't much room on this desk to put things after that. An LCD monitor would only take a fraction of the desk space and would really unclutter my living space a bit.

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KrisB said...

Good list man... Maybe I should start that to, but I usually get gifts WAY before my b-day/Christmas ever comes up... like for instance... I got a new drill motor for work, which was an early b-day gift. My b-day isn't until the last week of Oct.