Aww, Screw It!

You know what the great thing about computers is? If you say something, and regret it later, you can actually go back and censor yourself. Just like I've done below.

I suddenly realized at some point this evening that I was inexplicably stressing over comments made by whom I can only assume is a complete stranger. And why should I have to defend myself or justify my feelings and actions to that person anyways? It's silly. If there's something I pride myself in it's that I'm very self aware and live my own life on my own terms. I shouldn't feel like I have to explain myself to complete strangers, and so I'm not going to.

But what's even more silly is that I felt ridiculous posting those last 2 entries in the first place, knowing full well that somebody would misunderstand or misinterpret the posts. The fact that I felt the need to put up a disclaimer should have told my internal censor to just hit "delete" in the first place. So I've removed the posts. Less misplaced stress for me, and less confusion and unneeded concern for everybody else.

Besides, when I started this blog and replaced my old online journal I promised myself that I would try to keep this a positive space and to curb the negativity. I should know better than to write a blog post when I'm feeling down. Mistake made, lesson learned.

Now if only I could delete all the garbage and dirty dishes lying around our house...


Anonymous said...

Why don't you set up your blog so that comments from others appear only after you approve them? That way, there is no angst for you.

Anonymous said...

Also, what sort of responses do you want or expect when you spill out your personal life on a public space like this? Why do you do it, actually? Maybe facebook is a better option.

ps I thought the Jack Nicholson thing you deleted was really funny.

|:::lockan:::| said...

I have my reasons for doing this, the same as I'm sure you have your reasons for reading about my personal life on a public space.
I don't set it up for comment approval because I don't believe in censorship of others. Censoring myself, on the other hand, is perfectly acceptable.

The Jack Nicholson thing is still there, I didn't delete the comments. Although I haven't actually read it yet, since I checked those comments while I was at work, and then completely forgot about them later on. So maybe I'll go read it now.

And facebook is a tool of the devil. Everybody knows that.

KrisB said...

Have you ever seen the blog PostSecret (postsecret.blogspot.net)?? Those are people who have deep and dark secrets that they would almost feel ashamed saying else where or to anyone else.
Guys like my buddy here and me, I would belive, do it for ourselves for absolution, to get out what we have to say. It's our blog, let us deal with it the way we see fit. Trying to keep positive can be a challenge sometimes when comments are made or a bad day, I agree. But still... it's our blog.
And yes, Facebook is evil, what happens when there's a new thing?