A Fragment for Friday

I'm one of those people who likes to watch people. And I notice that quite often I see people I'm half-convinced that I know, have met, or have seen before. In most of these cases, they're actually total strangers and I've never met or seen them before in my life.

And quite often I'll see one of these strangers, and they'll bear a resemblance to a friend. Maybe a bit older, maybe a bit scragglier, or maybe slightly more mature and more attractive. And I'll think to myself "Gee, that's what [name of friend] will look like when they grow up."

And then I remember my age, and the age of my friends, and I think to myself, "Oh, yeah. Right. Nevermind."

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KrisB said...

You say that because you remember them from the last time you saw them... not grown up. Maybe another way to say it is "That's probably what they'd look like now"... ehh... just a thought