So Much Energy, but No Outlet

My extended horoscope for the day:

"Your energy level and enthusiasm are going to burn right through the meager demands of your day. There just won't be much going on today -- nothing worth your fiery can-do attitude. But don't let the day's ho-hum mood disappoint you, though. Be flexible, and take the day as it comes. If you can't find an outlet for your energy, save it for another day -- it has no expiration date"

It's pretty accurate. The weekend has come, the weather's been great, and I've got oodles of excitement and energy, but nowhere to put it. I went for a bike ride, and that helped a bit. Last night there was an attempt to Glo-stick football, but the others weren't as enthusiastic about it as I was.

And now I'm sitting at home thinking about all the exciting things I could be doing, and wishing that I had a) the financial means to do them and b) people to do them with me.

Ah well. Spring is here and the sun is shining. There will be other weekends, and plenty to do.

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