The Evolution of a Haircut

Alternate title: How to Post Terrible Pictures of Yourself on the Internet

Since it was requested, here are photos of my hair. I've even done you all (all five of you, 'cuz I have so many readers) one better and posted a pictorial history of my hair.

I tried to find some even older, not too mention worse, photos than these but I don't have any digitized.

So I'll kick things off with my haircut from 2001. I wore my hair this way for basically three years starting in the eleventh grade (1998) and running right through college.

This was the only change I made to my hair in that time. The haircut itself is basically the same. The only major difference is that I got bored and decided to put bright red streaks in it. That's what college is for anyways, right? To heck with learning, it's all about doing all the stupid things you need to get out of your system before you have to "grow up". Side note: I miss my red streaks, and the green spiker gel I bought just isn't the same.

College ended and I moved back to Edmonton and had to look for a job. So I got rid of the red streaks, and went back to a slightly longer variation of the previous haircut. My hair stayed like this until last summer. (The photo was taken in Vancouver in 2003)

In the summer of 2006 I got bored with my hair again, and decided I was going to grow it out. This was the beginning. Notice the familiar shape, but with longer growth on top. Personally, I think I should probably have kept it this way

This was the outcome of my experimental long hair. This is the haircut (non-haircut actually) that scared the general public and confused my grandmother. My hair looked like this up until two days ago.

After my weekend haircut, this is what I've ended up with. Granted this is a terrible picture, and it's the end of the day so it's all wind-tossed and messy.
It's still pretty long on top, except I got rid of the annoying curly fringes at the back and sides. I haven't decided if I like it or not, but I'll try it for a while. Maybe I'll get used to it.

On a completely unrelated note, look how much weight I've gained in the last 4 years! You can see it in my face. Ugh. Time to get some serious exercise.


Jess said...

Yah! I'm happy you got your hair cut. Good work.

KrisB said...

Short works for me... I'm posting a pic of me tomorrow with the subject "what happens when I get bored" and yes... been meaning to talk to you about that, and no... the longer hair just isn't you buddy....

Sarah said...

I don't think I've ever seen a picture where someone gave themselves bunny ears...you know...unless they were Japanese and thirteen years old.