High as a Freakin' Tree

You probably can't make this image out very well, as it was taken using digital zoom on a cell phone camera at night. So I'll just tell you what it is.

It's a syringe embedded in the trunk of a tree. It was near the corner of Hastings and Carral, just outside the Blarney Stone Pub. Nobody planted it there for the sake of this photo. It was there before we arrived. We just happened to notice it while standing in line for the 1.5 hours it took us to get inside.

This is a true piece of downtown Vancouver culture right here, captured for posterity.

For the record, the Blarney Stone is a rather reputable pub and the syringe should be not be used as an accurate indicator of the type of establishment being run there. Despite the somewhat sketchy locale, the Blarney Stone is actually a pretty nice place. At least as far as faux-iris pubs go, anyway.

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Sarah said...

I love faux-Irish pubs, especially when they're in sketchy neighborhoods where there's a surplus of hypodermic needles. To be fair, I also found a needle such as the one in your photo, half burried in the snow in front of my condo building...