Scenes from the Hilltop

I spent this past weekend with 13 friends in a cabin at Hemlock Ski Resort. It was nice to get out of the city for a bit and relax.

Of course I use the term "cabin" loosely. It was really more of a rustic wilderness condo. The three-storey unit had a full kitchen with dishwasher, a television and dvd player, 2 bathrooms, laundry facilities, a pool table, a dart board, 2 fireplaces, and enough rooms and beds for all of us to sleep in.

We played games, drank, played more games, drank some more, and did our best to take advantage of the ski hill. Here are a few hilights:

Kyle brought along his Nintendo Wii and Scott provided an Xbox 360, which he "rented" from Futureshop. Both systems saw a lot of use. If you thought we'd go for an entire weekend without video games, you were sorely mistaken.

And even being miles away from home couldn't stop us from playing World of Warcraft, thanks to the trading card version of the game.

6 of us managed to venture outdoors to hit the hill, despite the miserable rainy weather.

This is one of the first things we saw as we were waiting for a few people to get their rental equipment. The guy in the middle is dangling from the chairlift, hanging on for dear life. In under a minute the scene was surrounded by lift attendants and first aid crew, who were powerless to do anything but stand below and watch. The guy had to kick his snowboard off with his free foot, and then drop about 30 feet to the ground. He was also precariously close to a ravine. Thankfully everything turned out fine.

We had no such issues. On his first run Scott ran down a skier with his snowboard after narrowly avoiding a group of small children taking lessons, but his board control improved significantly after that.

This sign greeted us at the top of the red chair. Does anybody wanna go down on the hookers? No? Oh come on guys, I really wanna ride the hookers. Aw, you're no fun.

We managed a few hours of skiing before retiring to the pub to hide from the rain. We had though about going back out, but the rain only got worse, and the cold chill had set in. Alcohol seemed the better option, so we gave up and went back to the cabin.

The rest of the evening basically involved board games, video games, a delicious dinner, and then copious amounts of alcohol. And even more games. And when K-Tizzle passed out over the back of the couch, still wearing her ski goggles and helmet, we knew that it had been a successful trip.


Jess said...

Aw, it's your first photoblog! I'm so proud of you! The beginning, the end, the narrative flow, the sexual jokes...good work big brother!

Sarah said...

I'm jealous. It's been far too long since I've skied or consumed copious amounts of alcohol. Thank God St. Patricks day is around the corner...

The Unbelievable said...

It's kind of like the people in Toronto that go to their "cottage" that's a two hour drive away and their neighbours are so close that we have to keep the noise down at night.