Things That Go with "Bake"

A strange but pointless thought for the day. It came to me while eating some poutine in the food court.

[Blank] 'n Bake: A List of Definitions

1.) Shake 'n Bake:
A popular meal fixing, shake 'n bake is a method of cooking in which raw meat or vegetables are placed in a plastic bag full of bread crumbs or other appropriate breading. The bag is shaken vigorously so the food becomes coated in the breading, after which it is baked in the oven. shake 'n bake chicken is probably the most popular form.

2.) Fake 'n Bake:
A method of personal tanning, without the actual tanning part. A person applies a special tanning lotion to their body, and within minutes they develop an artificial tan. The skin takes on a darker tone, but no pesky tanning beds or sunlight are required.

3.) Take 'n Bake:
Unlike delivery pizza, take 'n bake pizza is prepared and purchased at a pizzeria, deli or grocery store, but must be baked at home in a conventional oven.

4.) Wake 'n Bake:
The act of waking in the morning and "smoking a joint" before, or in place of, breakfast.

Can you think of others? Comment them below.


Sarah said...

Good sir, I do believe your "fake'n'bake" is in error. At least where I come from, fake'n'bake refers to girls that use tanning beds. With the spray on tans, there's really no baking involved.

|:::lockan:::| said...

Hmm... maybe I'll have to add a second, alternate, definition.