Movember - End of the Line

Movember has been a great month. The mustache turned out pretty well, and I raised close to $300 for prostate cancer research. Our company team, Being Tom Selleck, raised just over $1,100 in total.

Thanks to everyone who donated! Your tax receipts should be in the mail.
And as a very special thank you, here's a pic of the finished product (with a bit of extra stubble, because I haven't shaved today):

Now all that's left is to decide whether to shave it off and stay clean shaven, grow back the goatee, or whether to keep the handlebars for a while. Hmmm... decisions, decisions...


Anonymous said...

i think you need to shave

Sarah said...

I like the handlebars. And yeah, thanks for the advice and while I haven't worked out any resolutions as of yet (a little late - I know), topping the list are things that get me back to what matters: running and cooking with fresh foods. With a little bit of vodka thrown in for good measure. :)

Hope you survived the wintry blast. Happy '09!