Movember Day 11 - Cowboy Style

I haven't posted in a while because I thought i'd give my stubble some growing time. It's starting to fill in nicely. My badass handlebars are well on their way.

Disappointingly, my mustache looks okay. It doens't look nearly as ridiculous as I had hoped.

I like looking in the mirror lately. It makes me feel a bit like a cowboy. Like I should be wandering around some dusty town in a stetson, wearing my sherrif badge proudly with a cigar sticking out of the corner of my mouth and a six-shooter at my side.

Or maybe a biker with one of those cool little biker helmets that has the single spike on top.

And then I put my glasses on and realize that I just look like a geeky guy with bad mustache. :-)

Keep the donations coming. Movember!

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