This Message Brought to You by the Wonders of Unsecured Wireless Internet

I'm writing this post on my laptop. My other computer has decided that it no longer wishes to surf the internet. It has found contentment in being connected to the router and in turn a smaller, friendlier, safer network. Knowing all the terrible evils that lie out there on the internet, I'm not sure I blame it. Maybe it's better off without the world wide web.

I, however, am neither content 'nor impressed by this sudden decision on the part of my computer. I have tried to persuade it to give the internet another chance. I've poked, and prodded, and taunted, and even tried to trick it into connection. And when that didn't work I decided that maybe the router was being a bully and not letting my computer surf with the big boys. So I spoke to the router, but he assures me he's done no such thing.

So now I'm checking on my computer's health, and hoping not to diagnose it with any nasty bugs. I can't imagine how or where it might have contracted an illness that would cause internet-phobia as a secondary sympton, but it never hurts to be safe. I doubt I'll find anything wrong. My computer may not be as young as he once was, but he's still in good shape and gets a good work-out on a daily basis.

It could also be the result of Karma. I've been isolating myself to my room a little bit lately. Maybe my computer just thinks it's doing it's part to help me out?


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