Ha ha. I like the title of this post. It's a pun. But of course, you don't get it yet, so let me explain.

My best friend is getting married at the end of the month. He's asked me to be the best man, and I graciously accepted. It doesn't really come as a surprise, as we've been friends a long time and I knew one day I'd be standing along side him at his wedding, the same as he will likely do for me when my time comes. I just didn't quite expect that the day would come so soon. But I guess we're getting to that age.

As part of my duties as best man I've been asked to give a toast. This news didn't come as a surprise to me either, as it seems to be pretty standard for a wedding. But the toast I've been asked to give is one welcoming the new bride.

I've only met my friend's fiancee roughly 3 or 4 times, as I no longer live in the same city they do. And so it's created a bit of a hurdle. In my mind I'm writing all these great little toasts and speeches, but they all focus around my friend. I'd happily toast the bride, except that I really don't know anything about her aside from her name and her job. I don't have anything insightful or witty to say about the two of them together, since I haven't spent much time around the two of them. I have plenty I could say about my friend, but the toast is supposed to be his fiancee, not him.

They're trying to keep the wedding small and simple, and so I suppose I could get away with a quick "To the Bride!" But I don't feel that would do justice to the occasion, and I'm sure I can do better. I guess I just have to figure out my angle. I'd like to say something a bit more personalized that has more special meaning to the two of them.

I also need to pick up a wedding gift for them. And again, it's proving to be a difficult decision for me. They've registered at a few places, but I never liked the idea of gift registries. I suppose it does makes things simple and provides them with things they really need. But I'd rather be that one cool friend who got them that one special gift that wasn't on the registry that nobody else thought of. But I'm stumped for ideas. Buying a wedding gift for a couple isn't quite the same as buying your friend a birthday gift. Especially when you're only close friends with one half of the couple, and don't know the other half very well.

Ah, well, I'm sure I'll figure something out. I always do. And besides that, if it comes down to the last minute (which it better not), I'll have my sister around to offer me some or her never-ending good advice.

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