This is Democracy?

I have a message for all the campaign representatives out there who so desperately want my vote. If you want my attention and wish to earn my support in future elections, you'd be well advised not to call my house every freakin' day!.

Today is the BC provincial voting date. I got home from work at 7:30 pm. There were two messages - TWO! - on my answering machine from people representing the office of my local NDP representative. They've been calling non-stop all week. But twice today? That's ridiculous.

I hadn't been home for more than 5 minutes when my front door buzzer rang. I answered. Guess who? IT WAS THE NDP! AT MY DOOR! THEY WANTED ME TO COME AND VOTE!

I informed them that I was aware it's election day and that, thank you, they've already left two messages on my answering machine today and I get the message. To which the woman on the other end of the intercom replied "Well we want to get the message out and make sure you go vote for Harry Bloy. Otherwise he might lose!"

Really? Really?? If I don't vote for the guy you want me to vote for, he might lose? Wow. That had never occurred to me before. Oh wait, yes it did. Because THAT'S HOW VOTING WORKS! It's an election. Somebody might lose. We call it "democracy".

I was happy to clarify that I was aware of the issue and that thanks to their aggressiveness I had no intention to vote for Mr. Bloy because I do not support him, and that yes, "he might lose".

Next election I think I'm going to seriously consider voting for the Marijuana party. Their platform is practically nonexistent and they'd surely send the province into financial ruin. But at least their members probably understand the basic principles behind the democratic process. Because democracy, being only slightly better than a popularity contest in practice, is simple enough to be understood by a 6 year old. We cast our votes and somebody comes out a winner. The rest of those candidates?

Well, the rest of the candidates might lose.

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Anonymous said...

You have to understand, people who vote NDP basically fall into just a few camps: people who will benefit financially from an NDP government(like public sector trade unionists and other parasites), people who vote based on very narrow ranges of issues, and the mentally defective. Retards need a lot of reminding, motivaton, and direction, so the NDP goes to great lengths to solicit the retard vote. Leave no stone unturned.