Okay, I admit it.

I like having different groups of friends. And, depending on the people, I sometimes don't care to intermingle them. I generally like to keep around 2 or 3 friend spheres. And sometimes I don't mind when they overlap. But frankly, I like to keep certain groups apart from certain other groups.

I don't really discriminate against any one group. It's not like I'm trying to avoid any one particular person or group of people. It's just that sometimes I need to hang out with one group of people to get a break from another type of people. It works both ways for all the groups of friends I have. But I like to be able to separate them as distinct spheres.

It's like ice cream. I like chocolate ice cream and I can eat a lot of it. But sometimes I get tired of chocolate and just want plain vanilla. And chocolate ripple doesn't count.

And sometimes facebook ruins that. Sometimes, thanks to facebook, those friend spheres start to overlap when I'd prefer they didn't.

It's a little ridiculous and totally selfish of me. But it bugs me a little.

And in some cases, it just plain makes no sense because one sphere has never met the other sphere and, from my perspective, has no business melding with the other.

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