The Fallacy of War(Machine)

I think I've officially taken the final step that will guarantee I never have sex again.

2 years ago some friends and I spent too much money on paint and supplies and miniature figurines and starting play a game called Warmachine. Except that we didn't really play that much. After 2 years, I think I'd played 6 games in total. I've had my army sitting in a corner of my room in a carry case, just waiting to be used. And I've been thinking that if I don't actually play the game, all that valuable time and money I spent is just going to waste.

So I joined a Warmachine league at a local game store. I play thursday nights after work, and sometimes on weekends. And it's awesome. Sometimes I even win!

But between that, playing games as a job, and playing video games at home in my spare time, I just don't have time for women. Sorry ladies, schedule's all full.


Anonymous said...

Very funny. Although you're probably in the best frame of mind to meet women now, ironically. Generally, they prefer men who don't seem desperate, who are content with their lives as they are.

How is the mold/mould working out.

|:::lockan:::| said...

Ha ha. Oh man. I wrote a previous blog on how ridiculous that whole idea has always been to me (aside from the desperate thing, which I totally get.) Or maybe I didn't write it, and just imagined I did. Can't remember. Anywho...

The mold is still there. I've heard from the landlord, and apparently he wants to come clean and seal up the windows. Which I'm not even sure is the problem or the right solution. And still leaves me wondering how that's going to help with the already-present mould.

And yes, I'm switching my spellings of mold up on purpose.

Jess said...

I just read this out loud to Canice. We made fun of you, but then I realized that we're sitting in a magazine lab at 12:40 a.m. on a Monday night stressing about kerning and serial commas.

I take it all back.