Host Migration Successful

I've moved. It's finally over. Well, almost. I still have to :

1) Finish unpacking a few boxes,
2) Decide which of my things to donate to whoever will take it
3) Discard of of those items which I feel I don't really need anymore (Like the rest of my family, I'm a bit of a pack-rat
4) Decide which boxes that I rarely look in deserve a permanent spot in the bedroom closet, and which ones should go to storage on the assumption that I'll never look in them again until I move.
5) Return to my old room at the old residence to patch up a few nail holes and clean the walls a bit
6) Set up my stereo, TV, and X360 as my reward to myself for getting the all the rest done.

*Sigh*. I hate looking at this list. It's a number of rather small tasks that won't take much time or effort (except maybe #5) to accomplish. But I just want this to be done and over with so I can relax and enjoy my new home.

Maybe a soak in the hot-tub will ease the stress. :-)
(As usual, any and all bikini-clad girls are welcome to join me.)

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Anonymous said...

Hot tub? Nice. Things are looking up.