2011 - My Year in Review

2011 was a pretty great year for me. After a bit of a trying period in fall of 2010, I started the year with a fresh outlook. My guiding mantras for the year have been twofold:

1) Always try to keep my best foot forward
2) If I'm not happy about something in my life, do something to change it

Keeping these two things in mind has helped me keep 2011 moving forward on a wave of positivity, and it's been a pretty amazing year as a result. Let's review:

  • Attended a William Gibson reading at the CBC, with Douglas Coupland as a special guest. Went with an acquaintance who just happened to have an extra ticket at the last minute.

  • Created some audio clips for a game prototype for a friend from school. Got to exercise my creativity in ways I haven't before, and make a little extra cash on the side. (Can't say who or what, since it's unreleased. Very hush-hush.)

  • Started learning more about MIDI hardware and software. Have been working on music projects and posting my creations online. I even purchased a licensed copy of the audio software that I've been "borrowing" for the last 10 years. There's still more music to come!

  • Dabbled in leather working as a new hobby. Made a few bracelets - notably, one that integrates glow-wire and a battery pack. This has generated a bit of interest among friends and acquaintances who have seen my work. I may start making and selling more bits and pieces online for a small profit.

  • Made efforts to get more exercise. Bought new ski boots to do more downhill skiing, started biking to work 2-3 times every week during spring/summer, tried (but ultimately gave up on) fitness bootcamp, and gave wall-climbing a shot (trumped by cost, otherwise I'd keep going with it). Strangely, an increase in nights out at the club dancing have also provided a great cardio workout.

  • Went on a crazy roadtrip to Tacoma on a Sunday night to see Rammstein. Got passes to the after party, met combichrist, and still made it to work the next day.

  • Saved up money for a trip and went to Montreal for the Kinetik 4.0 industrial music festival. Lots of music, lots of culture, lots of dancing.

  • Spent a weekend at the lake house in Cold Lake and visiting family. I haven't been home during the summer in 5 years, so this was pretty great for me.

  • Spent more time at Vancouver beaches, relaxing in the sun and playing in the water. Also made a trip to Harrison Lake for the first time, and at least on visit to Cultis Lake in Chilliwack.

  • Drove through the mountains for a wedding in Calgary while simultaneously conquering my irrational hatred of camping.

  • Bungee Jumped from a bridge in Whistler, and I'd totally do it again!

  • Focused on more self-learning of design tools and practices at work during my downtime. Hopefully making strides towards a shift in direction in the coming year. Fingers crossed!

  • Spent less time overall playing games and staying home, and made many more efforts to arrange social plans and get out of the house. Also did more reading.

  • Paid off my student loan, making a really big stride towards being debt-free.

    But above all else that I've done this year, the most important thing is this:
    I've spent more time with close friends and family and strengthened a number of those relationships. My job may keep the bills paid, but it's friends and family that fuel my livelihood and keep me going.

    And so to all of you I've spent my time with this year, thank you. Your impact on me this past year has been rather profound. I can only hope that I've touched your life in similar ways.

    Here's looking to a bright and prosperous 2012!
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    Anonymous said...

    I love you Andrew... Here's to 2012!!!!!!!