Six Degrees of Wikipedia

I find it fascinating how bands are influenced by each other, and how a pseudo-history of a band's musical influences can be traced. Here's an example:

You may or may not know that a while back Trent Reznor announced that he would no longer tour with Nine Inch Nails. Recently he announced a new project, How to Destroy Angels, a new mostly electronic project with his wife.

I read a blurb somewhere about how the band name was inspired by a Coil song by the same name. I'd heard of Coil, and recognized that they were a pioneer in the industrial music scene. But I wasn't failiar with them, so I looked them up on Wikipedia while listening to some of their albums on grooveshark. This turned into a short little link-hopping jaunt which lead me full circle. Here's how it went.

1.) Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails formed a new band, How to Destroy Angels
2.) "How to Destroy Angels" was the name of the first released single by industrial band Coil in the early 80s
3.) In 1985 Coil recorded a cover version of the song "Tainted Love"
4.) The best known (but not original) version of "Tainted Love" was recorded by Soft Cell in 1981.
5.)Soft Cell released "Tainted Love" as their second single, after "Memorabilia", their first single.
6.) "Memorabilia" was later covered by Nine Inch Nails.

Neat, huh?

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