Cleanse - Day Three

Well, it's wednesday night at 10pm. I've now made it three days without playing any games in my spare time.

Monday I went to visit some friends for dinner and light socializing.

Tuesday was a quiet night at home watching TV and an attempt at some portfolio work. I gave that up after 90 minutes of frustration, feeling technically satisfied but suffering from an artistic block.

Tonight I went for beer and wings with a friend that I don't see very often. Then he dropped by and we shared and listened to any interesting bands we'd been listening to lately. Sent an e-mail to another friend I haven't heard from in a while. It's been good.

I've only sort of cheated once today at work during my lunch hour. I spent about 20 minutes playing a game demo I'd downloaded last week. Thankfully, I was unimpressed by the demo and so it was easy to turn it off. It certainly didn't leave me with any desire to play other games either.

Of course, every time the brain turns to boredom that gaming reflex is still there. But I've been able to catch it every time and stop myself.

I think the weekend will be the biggest challenge. I've got plenty to do Saturday to keep me occupied. But Sunday evening is when I usually do the most gaming. There are a lot of free hours to fill, and I hope I can maintain my resolve.

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Evil Dan said...

Wow. You are doing pretty well. I tried to do a media diet a couple weeks ago and lasted exactly 3 hours.

BTW - I have a trick to portfolio work that usually keeps me from getting frustrated that I can share.