Who is the mysterious Wolf1337?

We have a Leak! Somebody call a plumber to come and "fix" it. Make sure he brings his silenced pipewrench.

(Somebody anonymously spilled some beans about a previous project at work, and seemed to have rather intimate knowledge of it. I won't discuss any other details here.)


KrisB said...

C'mon... now you've peaked my intrest!!! That's like laughing at something and not telling anyone what your laughing at, sitting there snickering... Or blurting out... "I've got a secret, but I'm not telling anyone!!"... Ugh... there IS a code ya know!!... :P

|:::lockan:::| said...

There's not much else to tell, actually. We worked on a Wolfenstein project a couple years ago. Recently some guy calling himself Wolf1337 claiming to be ex-Activision leaked some screens of the stuff we did onto the internet. That's the whole story.