Temporary Metamorphosis

I can't believe what a harrowing experience shopping for women's clothing can be! I guess if I did it on a regular basis it wouldn't be such a big deal. But I mean, is it too much to as for a simple "small, medium, large" sizing system? Or how about a straight-forward waist size measurement in inches, instead of an arbitrarily chosen numbering system that varies from company to company and has relation to any standard unit of measurement. And what's with the need to know the diameter of every part of your body?

In any case, I've got my halloween costume. It's not quite what I envisioned in my head, but I think it will do the trick. This is either the best idea or the worst idea I've ever had.

Photos are probably a must.

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Sarah said...

You're going to be a woman for halloween!!! Awesome. Post lots of photos. P.S. I'm moving back to Edmonton, I can once again be "Sarah from E-town".